The Alpro Leiemarathon takes place on Sunday 22th of September 2019. Register here.

Registration Fee

Distance 01/01 – 31/03 01/04 – 30/06 01/07 – 10/09 Day registration
Marathon  € 25,00  € 30,00  € 35,00  € 45,00

Start and Finish

Distance Starting-time Finishing-time Start location
Marathon  11:30 hours  17:00 hours  Wevelgem – Lauwestraat


The parcours consists of two laps of 21km. The marathon runners will run a total of 42,195 km. The parcours is free of traffic.

Check the parcours

  • Click here to see the first lap
  • Click here to see the second lap

Time Registration

Your time will be registered via a chip. Your time starts when you pass the start and ends when you finish. You will immediately be able to check your time on StarTracking.


Marathon runners will encounter 9 provisioning points (every 5km and at the finish). You will get:

  • Water
  • Energy Drink
  • Carbohydrate-rich nutrition (bananas, raisins, …)
  • Coca-Cola (as of the last lap)

The runners will take the provisionments themselves.

Escorts by bike

Escorts by bike are not permitted on the parcours.

Indication of kilometers

We have signs showing the kilometers at: 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 21,5 km, 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, 36 km, 37 km, 38 km, 39 km, 40 km, 41 km, 42 km, finish.

Medical Treatment

We have emergency services set up at strategical places across the parcours. There also is an EHBO-post at the finish.

Recovery Zone

You can find the Recovery Zone in the Porseleinhallen. This is a big, private area where runners can rest after running their distance. There will be free drinks and food. The Porseleinhallen are situated 200 meters from the finish.


Runners can, after they showered, get a massage in the Recovery Zone. If you want to get a massage, you’ll receive a number indicating when it will be your turn.

Where to change your clothes

You can change clothes in the Porseleinhallen.

Sport bags

You can hand your sport bag over to our staff in the Porseleinhallen. They will keep your bags safe and will make sure that the right people get their bags back at the end of the races.


  • Goodie-bag with gadgets
  • A medal, designed for this marathon